Technology-rich innovation in schools

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ICT in schools
Key forces at play
A phased process for innovation
Awakening interest and identifying promising pathways
Seeking early lessons from experiences in the field
Steady, supportive development
From pilot to stable change
Becoming self-generative

About this resource

Educational change is extremely challenging in any setting, and when the change involves technology – as most changes do in this day and age – the complications increase. This booklet was designed to support educational leaders in the exciting yet daunting task of initiating and maintaining technology-rich innovation in schools.

This booklet is part of a series produced by a large-scale European project that provides open access educational resources to schools across Europe: Open Discovery Space (ODS). Since 2012, the ODS initiative has learned from the real world approaches of teachers, educational leaders and policymakers as they collaborate to realize technology-rich innovation prompted by the ODS work.

The contents of this booklet are based on the model of innovation that underlies the ODS work. This model was initially conceived of to structure the ODS activities, and has evolved in light of lessons learned as the project unfolds. The model describes key phases of change (stimulating, trials, incubating, scenarios and accelerating) as well as implications for various key stakeholders. This booklet harvests insights that are particularly relevant to educational leaders, and makes them available for use in other initiatives to achieve lasting and meaningful changes involving the use of modern technologies.

Tip: Key activities are summarized in the roadmap, which can be accessed here and from any page.

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What headmasters say about this resource

"A sharp coherent publication, very aesthetic with its good use of text, studies.contexts, images and graphics, easily read online, good balance of theory and digital case studies ... It would make a good summer course."   "As a digital disciple I found the handbook a well laid out document with a very defined framework. From the very start it outlined the change from traditional to digital pedagogies. This key element of change is well illustrated."   "You can see what ODS actually means now in practice and not just theory."   "I think that the document is an excellent production which is grounded in theory, sets out a framework for involvement with ODS."
- Tom Roche,
  - Robbie O'Leary,
  - Daithi O'Murchu,
  - Fin Martin,



This booklet was produced via the Open Discovery Space project, partially funded by the European Commission CIP PSP Grant agreement 297229.